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Diana + Andrew - Hindu Wedding Part 1

Venue – Claireport Place

Make Up – Erams Bridal

Videographer – Dream Footage

DJ – Paradise2Demax

R+L: “Tell us how you first met? Who what when where why? Give us the dirty


Cold winter night. Blind double date. Dave & Busters. Who would have thought that this is where I would meet my future husband. I was with my girlfriend and her boyfriend and after much stalking on Facebook Drew finally got my friend to bring me out on this day in 2008. I think what created the connection was the bold step I took and walked right up to him, shook his hand and said Hi, I'm Diana (with a smile). What can I say, it was love after that.

R+L: “When did you know he/she was the one?”

We both knew relatively soon into the relationship that we were meant for each other. He called me his Dream Girl which was super sweet to me.

R+L: “Tell us about how he proposal to you?

Four years later we plan a trip to Florida where we could get away for a few days. He said that he got this great deal on Groupon where we could ride in a hot air balloon- Sure! It's on my bucket list anyway! Nevertheless I had to wake up at 4 a.m. to get to Tampa for the sunrise flight. We're on the balloon and I cannot even describe the peaceful feeling that overcomes one when you are just floating over morning fog watching the trees and lakes sparkle. Drew starts out by saying, "where does this rank amongst all the things we've done together?". I reply, "pretty up there..." all while wondering why is he getting so serious in front of Fred, our pilot. That was Drew's first attempt. He points to my left, "look over there", I say "yes a swamp?". Fred delightfully points out, "it's the heart shaped lake" and by now I see it. Poor Drew made his second attempt at his speech, but I started to interview Fred about his family life etc. We keep sailing across and he tries again but Fred uses the gas burner and blocks all sound. Finally Drew, a little frustrated turns and asks Fred, "could you give me a minute without the fire!" Fred replies, "sure, but if we go down..." From there he was down on one knee and he finally got to say his entire speech. We land and he finishes off by telling me about the 5 star dinner reservations that he made for that evening. Dinner was exquisite but it didn't end there. We travelled to Miami and I found 18 long stemmed red roses (he's never given me RED roses before) waiting in my room for me. To top it off he also booked a massage for me at the luxurious hotel spa-

R+L: “Tell us the one thing you love most about each other”

Andrew loves my smile. I love his. :)

All the characteristics of your true love is like the sum of the parts greater than the whole. That's why it's hard to describe what we love the most about each other.

R+L: “What stands out as your favourite part of the wedding day?”

After the wedding and we left the temple we got into the car and started to drive in silence to our home in the pouring rain. It took us a minute but then we realized that we were actually finally married. Our faces were hurting from smiling so much for pictures during the wedding and when we were in the car we couldn't STOP smiling. So past cloud nine at that point.