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Sandy + Lui - Wedding

Venue - Renaissance by the Creek

Florist -  Millefiori Florist 

DJ - Vincent Bertucci Symmetry Studios

Make up artist -  Ana Oliveira & Annie Condoluci 

Video - Richard Pimentel & Matt

Tell us how you first met? who what when where why? Give us the dirty details.

Sandy version: We did indeed meet back in high school. A mutual friend invited him over to my place since he literally lives down the street and around the corner from me to introduce us. He came rollerblading  up the hill and we all talked together. We got each others contact information and chatted on MSN and then Facebook for many years. We were just friends for many years and would occasionally bump into each other. We did end up even going to University together. It wasn't until we had both completed our undergraduate degrees that we started dating. Looking back, we realized it was a bit of a coincidence that a few months before our actual first date, Lui had caught me walking home on my birthday and given me a ride to my house. It was on that exact day only a few hours later that I became single and a few months down the line Lui and I would have our first date. Lui "baited" me by telling me that we needed to chat in person so I could see his awesome winter beard. We went for Starbucks and despite his hideous beard I felt happy, safe and comfortable with him right away; underneath that beard was a really great guy. :)

Lui's version: We first met when we were in high school through a mutual friend. Her friend invited me over to Sandy's house since I lived a few streets away, but that was just the first boring meeting. Sandy and I talked a lot, but did not start actually dating until after University (even though we went to University together). I had a big beard when we started actually dating, but she stuck with me because she knew how amazingly gorgeous I was underneath the beard :P

When did you know he/she was the one?  

I knew we had something special right from the beginning but I realized he was the one I was going to marry for real about one month before he proposed. I even said to my parents one day as they were watching TV "I'm going to marry Lui one day" 

Was there something he/she did?, etc.

Sandy: I just felt really comfortable, safe and open to being my real self around Lui. He seemed to understand and completely respect me from the get go. 

Lui: On my end, not necessary, I just knew.

Tell us about the proposal.

Sandy version: He summed it up but I'll just add some details. Lui planned a trip to my family's cottage one weekend with a few of our friends one weekend. It came down to the day of the trip and I was not feeling so great, I had some kinda cold and wasn't really feeling up to going up north. Lui insisted and insisted and of course, he managed to convince me to go up. His friends set up the whole candles and rose petals in a gazebo by the lake while Lui and I attended mass at the Martrys' Shrine. On the drive over from church to the gazebo, Lui was telling me how much he loved me as a precursor to the proposal. I was completely clueless that he was preparing me for the most important question he would ever ask me. I simply thought that he had just been touched at mass by something the priest had said and was taking advantage of us being alone to be all romantic. I had no idea! It was only when we started walking over to the lake and I spotted the gazebo that it suddenly hit me. I instantly became speechless and could barely walk the rest of the way without shaking. Lui took me to the centre of the rose petals/candle hearts got down on one knee and uncovered the hidden ring box that was hiding underneath a small pile of petals. That's when he asked me to marry him. I said yes and after a long hug our friends came out from their hiding spots and congratulated us. 

Lui's version: Up at her cottage with friends, Sandy and I went on our own for a bit. While we were away, our friends went to a gazebo by the lake and decorated it with candles and rose pedals. I then took her to this location when it was ready and proposed.

Tell us the one thing you love most about each other.

Sandy version: I love his smile and how he can always make me laugh.

Lui version: Her nerdy laugh when she finds something really funny.